Shree Boudhanath Area Development Committee


Guru Lhakhang Monastery :

This is one of the oldest Nyngma monasteries around the Boudhanath area. It is also called Tamang monastery of Boudhanath stupa. It was called Guru Marmen Lhakhang in the previous time. The main attraction of the monastery is the beautiful statues of Guru Padma sambhava, Amitabha Buddha and Arya Avalokiteshwara. Chiniya Lama and local Tamang Lama perform traditional and ritual activities in this monastery. Although this monastery belongs to Nyngma sect, it has become the focal point of the different Buddhist traditions or sects. This monastery is rebuilt in B.S.2063. His holiness Thulsik Rinpoche performed consecration and inaugurated it. This monastery has preserved their own Jhyang Ter tradition and ritual.


Samteling Monastery :

This monastery was established by his Eminence kachen yeshi Gyaltsen. This is the oldest and first ever Tibetan monastery to be established at Boudhanath. It is situated to the east of Boudhanath Stupa. This monastery has preserved their own unique traditions of chanting and ritual activities. This magnificent monastery belong to Geluk tradition or sect.


Jhamchen Lhakhang :

This monastery was established by venerable Chyopge Thichen Rinpoche in 1986, feb 11th. This monastery has a statue of 32ft high Maitreya Buddha (Gyalwa Jampa). As well as, this monastery is preserving their own sakya tradition of chanting and ritual practice. This monastery is beautiful and belongs to sakya sect.













Dilyak Yebam (Palri Tahsi Migyur Dorje Gyaltsen Ling) :

This monastery was built in 1966 near by boudhanath stupa by Master Dazang Ngeden Chhoeki Ngima Palsangpo. This monastery belongs to Kagyud sect. In this monastery, all the Buddhist ritual practice and other dharma activities have been conducting. This monastery is also known as Dhapsang temple of thousand Buddhas.