This great Majestic Boudhanath stupa stands approximately 6-7 km North East from center of the Kathmandu valley. The splendid dome of Boudhanath Stupa is  approximately 120 ft in  diameter, 1 hector in width and 43.25m in height. The area of the stupa is approximately 6,756 square meters. It is believed that this great stupa was built during the kashyapa Buddha’s end period and the beginning  period of Shakyamuni Buddha. Buddhist people believe that the relics of kashyapa Buddha, the third Buddha of Bhadrakalpa was enshrined  in the dome of this stupa. This great stupa is known as the mind nature of Buddha’s of three times,  past, present and the future. This Great Stupa is also called the  Stupa of enlightenment or Bodhi Stupa. This Stupa is called Jhyarung khashyor. This Stupa is also one of the largest and most significant Buddhist monument in the world.

As well as this Stupa is religious, cultural and archeologically very important. This great stupa was enlisted on world heritage site by UNESCO in 1979 and has become the common monument of the people  all over the world. Today it is a major destination of pilgrims from the Himalayas, Tibet and south-East and Eastern Asia. It has become the center of a thriving town of monasteries, craftsmanship, and businesses. It is the principal center of Himalayan Buddhist worship and studies in the Kathmandu valley. This heritage site is of exceptional universal value which deserves protection and Conservation for the benefit of all human beings around the globe.  It is believed that those resides around this great stupa will never have to suffer from the hunger, feminine and unfavorable conditions.