Shree Boudhanath Area Development Committee


Programmes of Bouddhanath Area Development Committee

  1. Removing the excess Lime of dome and prayer wheels wall and repair them.
  2. Arranging generator at Boudha Stupa For electricity.
  3. Maintaining the stone pavement path in Boudha Stupa.
  4. Publishing books related to the Boudha Stupa and Buddhist philosophy and culture.
  5. Making a park in Ghyoi lisang pond.
  6. Constructing rest rooms for the tourists and the pilgrims.
  7. Repairing different wells around Boudha Stupa.
  8. Arranging incense container made of copper at Boudha stupa.

Future Plan

  1. Constructing a guest house for the Buddhist pilgrims.
  2. Building permanent welcome gates.
  3. Establishing a Buddhist library at Boudha Stupa.
  4. Purchasing and providing an ambulance for emergency service.
  5. Maintaining greenery environment around premises of Boudha Stupa.

Recent going on Programmes

  1. Contributing Boudha Multiple Campus for master’s degree programme in Buddhism and Peace Study.
  2. Providing scholarship to 4 students in Buddhism and Peace Study.
  3. Conducting different cultural and religious programmes in co-operation with different local organizations.
  4. Co-operating with Bouddha Sarsafai Kendra to keep Boudha Area neat and clean.
  5. Studying for future plans related to preservation and promotion of historical, cultural and religious value of the great Boudha Stupa.