Shree Boudhanath Area Development Committee

About Us

Bouddhanath Area Development Committee

This Committee is formed by the Government of Nepal for Social, economical, religious and cultural development of Boudha Stupa and its area. It was formed in B.S.2053 under the development committee Act 2013. There are seven members appointed by Nepal Government’s ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. There are Chairman, Executive director and five members and they are appointed for four years. There representative members from different ministries of Nepal Government in this Committee. The area of Boudha Area Development Committee is:-

  1. East – West boundary of Jorpati VDC.
  2. West – Boundary of Kathmandu municipality ward no. 7.
  3. North – South boundary of Jorpati VDC and Kapan VDC.
  4. South – Boundary of Bagmati river and Kathmandu Municipality ward no. 7.

Objectives of Boudhanath Area Development Committee

  1. To organize different programmes related to Buddhist religion and philosophy and implement them.
  2. To keep records of archeological and historical heritages of Boudha Stupa.
  3. To organize different plans and programmes of Boudha area and co-operate with national and international organizations to implement them.
  4. To preserve the cultural, natural and historical heritages of Boudha area.
  5. To organize national and international meetings, seminars and exhibition to highlight the importance of Boudha Stupa.