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Scaffolding of bamboos

Scaffolding of bamboos made by Boudhanath Area Development Committee for the renovation of Boudhanath Stupa due to Earthquake of 2072/01/12 B.S.


Stone Paving

Stone Paving work in circumambulation path by Boudhanath Area Development Committee.


विश्व शान्ति पूजा

मिति २०७१ असोज ८ गते बुधबारका दिन श्री बौद्धनाथ क्षेत्र विकास समितिको आयोजनामा परम पावन ४१ औं साक्य ठिजिन रिन्पोछेज्यूको सान्निध्यतामा सम्पन्न पुस्तक लोकापर्ण, विश्व शान्ति पूजा तथा आयु अभिषेक…


Helping hands for Flood Victims

Helping hands from Boudhnath Area Development Committee for flood victims as well as land slide (on August 2nd Saturday) in Mankha, Sindhupalchok District. (Sunkoshi River)


Mr. Parmananda Jha the vice president of Nepal inaugurated Buddha Relics exposition programme

On 14th May, 2014, Mr. Parmananda Jha, the vice president of Nepal, inaugurated Buddha Relics exposition programme. Thousands of people participated in peace procession on the same day. Thus, 2558th…


2nd Lhosar Cup Open Karate Championship

This year the 2nd lhosar cup open karate championship was conducted on the 1st and 2nd of February 2014 at Mahendra Boudha Higher secondary School. The great of honor at…